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Augmented Reality (AR): Augmented Lifestyle
Mind your Manners – Behaviour of Butterflies
Beauty with a reason (flower structure – pollen dispersal)
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Bacteria
The Paradox – Recombinant Bacteria
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Seed – the Journey Begins
The Secret Move of Plants – Growth and response
Guess My Name – Species ID

What our future cities look like, depends on the design and build from future architects, engineers and designers. Connected by information and data, 3D digital twin provides simulation for analytics and prediction. Participants undergo a classroom based theory lesson and then a practical activity, learning how to use augmented reality (AR) content management system (CMS) in the production of AR Virtual Materials and make a 3D augmented map.

Most butterfly species have a short adult lifespan, lasting around 2 weeks. Exploring their diverse behaviour during different stages of the life is vital in identifying patterns that can be used to distinguish between species.

The most eye-catching parts of plants are usually flowers, some are plain, some are beautiful, while some are outright bizarre. These wide variety of designs are not for aesthetic purpose, most of them are well adapted to fit the plant need of reproduce. In this workshop, we will try to understand the rules and adaptation of flowers which related to their strategies of reproduction.

Butterflies come in a wide range of shape, colour, and forms. This module will examine the general structure of a butterfly and compare variations between species. Students will then analyse why they have developed these physical characteristics.

Generally when you hear the word bacteria it raises negative thoughts and feelings towards it because we have generalised bacteria as a disease causing organism. But if you delve deeeper, they are more than just single-celled microorganisms. Let us introduce you to the diverse world of bacteria.

Bacteria, they may be single-celled organisms however they carry great weight when it comes to causing diseases. However, did you know that bacteria also plays a role in disease prevention in some capacity? Explore the different ways bacteria are used for the benefit of human health, especially in genetic engineering.

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Plants generally remain immobile over the course of their lives but every plants used to be an adventurer in their babyhood. Fruits and Seeds, the protective shells of baby plant are also the vehicles for them to travel over the world. Every fruits and seeds have their own strategies to move and in this workshop, we will try to explore these possibilities and understand these secret conquerors of the Earth.

People often consider plants have no movement at all but if you pay enough attention to the plants, you will be surprised by how they move their body parts daily to fit the environment. Although their movements are usually related to growth and relatively slow, some species have developed rapid response to the environment. In this workshop, we will try to explore plant growth and various kinds of plant movement.

Once students have established what a butterfly is, they will take these knowledge to explore Pak Lap and find out the different species that are present in the local area. They will use different methods to try to classify and record each of the species that they find along the way.

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