Beauty with a reason:
(flower structure - pollen dispersal)

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Pak Lap - STREAM Teaching Facility Centre

KS2, KS3, KS4

The most eye-catching parts of plants are usually flowers, some are plain, some are beautiful, while some are outright bizarre. These wide variety of designs are not for aesthetic purpose, most of them are well adapted to fit the plant need of reproduce. In this workshop, we will try to understand the rules and adaptation of flowers which related to their strategies of reproduction.


Programmes Objective

Examine the anatomy of flowers, how they have developed their structures to optimise pollination.

Learning Outcomes

Be able to describe the different parts of a floral structure and explain the function of each part

Be able to connect the floral design to the pollination method and the pollinator involved. Then use this knowledge to design and create an optimal design of a flower for pollination.

Learning Content & Activities

Dissection of a flower and examination of the anatomy, record the observation through drawings and lables.
Discover the relationship between floral design and pollination method. Explore the ways animals play a part in pollination.
Form small teams to design and make a flower using arts and crafts materials that has the best chance of pollination.

Skill Set Utilisation

Programmes Instructor

Mr. Mercury Wong

Mr. Mercury Wong

Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons)
Energy & Envitonment

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