Green Powerhouse:
Leaves and Photosynthesis

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Pak Lap - STREAM Teaching Facility Centre

KS3, KS4

Plants are green because they have pigments inside their leaves, these pigment are the major component for food production of the plant. Plants use their pigment, water and carbon dioxide to capture solar energy and store it in the form of sugars. In this workshop, we will try to explore the structure of the leaves and the food producing process known as photosynthesis.


Programmes Objective

Examine the anatomy of leaves, the factors affecting their shape and the process of photosynthesis.

Learning Outcomes

Be able to describe the structure of leaves and explain the function and adaptation of leaves. Relate and connect the leaf structure and shape to the environmental conditions the plant is in.

Learning Content & Activities

discover the reasoning why leaves have developed a general flat shape.
Photosynthesis produce oxygen as its by-product and can be used as evidence for effective photosynthesis. In this activity, we will collect some aquatic plants and use them to demonstrate the oxygen producing capacity.
Plants know what is the best for their photosynthesis but sometime they need to adjust their leaves to protect themselves form adverse environment. In this activity, we will try to observe different plants from different types of habitat, and try figure out what have been sacrificed by the plants to tackle their own life problems.

Skill Set Utilisation

Programmes Instructor

Mr. Mercury Wong

Mr. Mercury Wong

Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons)
Energy & Envitonment

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