The Secret Move of Plants:
Growth and response

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Pak Lap - STREAM Teaching Facility Centre

KS3, KS4

People often consider plants have no movement at all but if you pay enough attention to the plants, you will be surprised by how they move their body parts daily to fit the environment. Although their movements are usually related to growth and relatively slow, some species have developed rapid response to the environment. In this workshop, we will try to explore plant growth and various kinds of plant movement.


Programmes Objective

Examine the structure of seeds, the resources required to stimulate their growth and how changes in the environment may trigger responses on some plants

Learning Outcomes

Be able to describe the structure of seeds, the resources required to stimulate their grwoth and explain how this occurs.

Relate the connection between plant growth and environmental conditions

Learning Content & Activities

examine the structure of seeds and the resources that is required to stimulate their growth.
explore the mechanism behind plant growth and examine how plants react to different environmental conditions
some plants are known for their quick response to environmental changes, you will observe these responses and discover how to trigger these.

Skill Set Utilisation

Programmes Instructor

Mr. Mercury Wong

Mr. Mercury Wong

Bachelor of Applied Science (Hons)
Energy & Envitonment

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