STREAM Summer Explorer Camp 5D 4N (Age 12-15)

At STREAM Education, we integrate the disciplines of Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art and Maths. The STREAM Summer Explorer is a programme designed to allow students to learn more about the ecological and cultural significance of Pak Lap and its surrounding areas through explorative and experiential activities. We put a lot of emphasis on lifelong skills training during our programme, students will learn how to be responsible, respectful, and independent and develop a growth mindset that will equip them with the confidence, knowledge and skills to be successful in their future endeavours.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Through team-building activities and group projects, participants will learn to work together effectively, communicate clearly, and take on leadership roles when necessary.

Participants will learn about the local ecosystem and geological features through field surveys and expert-led workshops. They will gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectivity of the natural world and how human actions can impact it.

Participants will participate in a beach clean-up project, learning about the impacts of waste on our oceans and beaches. They will also learn about sustainable farming practices and the importance of conserving natural resources.

 Participants will learn about 3D printing and its applications in environmental conservation. They will also gain hands-on experience in eco-smart farming techniques, such as composting and hydroponics. These technical skills will prepare participants for future careers in sustainability and environmental conservation.

Participants will have the opportunity to practice their English language skills in a supportive and immersive environment. They will engage in interactive activities and group discussions, expanding their vocabulary and improving their pronunciation and grammar. This will help participants to communicate more effectively in English and prepare them for future academic or professional pursuits where English proficiency is required.

Camp Details:

  • Geo Field SurveyExploring and studying the unique hexagonal rock formations around Pak Lap
  • Eco Hike and Mudflat Survey – Learn about the Leave No Trace Ethics and hike towards Pak A to conduct a Mudflat Survey
  • Eco-Friendly Product Workshop – Create an eco-friendly sunblock that can be used all throughout the programme
  • Map Reading and Navigation Skills – Learn how to utilise a map and a compass to navigate your way around
  • Stargazing – Using a telescope and binoculars students can learn about constellations and planets
  • Night Safari – Discover the type of animals that are out and about Pak Lap during the night
  • Plastic Identification and 3D printing – Learn how to identify plastic and contribute to the STREAM beach waste monitoring project through a beach clean up. Recycle used bottles as 3D filaments.
  • Aviation Experience – Learn about basic flight controls through a flight simulator and VR
  • Eco and Smart Farming – Explore ways we can utilise sensors and AI to help elevate farming strategies and techniques

Summer Explorer Camp

July 10-14

HK$ 4,950 per person
*Must book through Hong Kong Academy.

Camp Location: Pak Lap, Sai Kung

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