STREAM Winter Explorer Course (Age 12-15)

STREAM Explorer provides students with an insight into different disciplines of STREAM (Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Arts and Maths). They will explore our natural world through these disciplines and gain valuable knowledge from each field that can be used to co-create a sustainable future.

Our Modules:

This module will explore the different survey techniques used by ecologists in their field work and the students will explore the applications of the data obtained. 

Expected Learning Outcomes: 

  • To be able to conduct a survey to study the ecology of a location.
  • To be able to analyse data obtained from field work and propose an application of these data for environmental policies. 


  1. Leung Shuen Wan Ecological Field Study
  2. Basic mudflat species identification
  3. Water sample collection and analysis
  4. Data Analysis and Class Presentation

Students will learn about basic flight controls through the instructions of a tutor who used to be a commercial pilot and using a flight simulator with VR headset to recreate a real feeling flying a plane. They will also create their very own airplane model and learn about airfoil designs.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain deeper understanding of aerodynamics.
  • To be able to build an aircraft model as a team.
  • To be able to fly an airplane using the Cessna 172 Simulation Flying software.


  1. Aircraft Model Building
  2. Flight Testing
  3. Flight Simulation Training

Hong Kong has an abundance of wilderness. People must know how to behave when they are outdoors. Leave No Trace is perfect because it teaches people outdoor ethics, camping crafts, and survival skills training.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • To be able to explain and demonstrate the 7 outdoor ethics outlined by Leave No Trace.
  • To be able to described  techniques in building shelter and starting a fire from outdoor materials. 
  • To be able to plan and organise a hike or expedition safely. 


  1. Leave No Trace Workshop and Hike
  2. Local area exploration through orienteering
  3. Camping crafts and survival skills training

Focusing on technology’s environmental monitoring applications at Pak Lap. The students will observe how we use technology to conduct underwater surveys that we usually cannot do during winter by creating an underwater robot.

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain deeper understanding of the thinking process behind creating a product like an underwater robot.
  • To be able to build an underwater robot as a team.
  • To be able to conduct a mini underwater survey using an underwater robot. 


  1. Underwater robot demonstration and hands-on test at the beach.
  2. Building a simple underwater robot 
  3. Trial and error – test the underwater robot. 

Have you ever wondered about where your waste ends up to? Discover the impacts that our waste may have on the environment and explore ways we can upcycle waste materials through the process of design thinking. 

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • To be able to understand the development of innovative products, and why it is important to sustainable development. 
  • To make use of creativity on waste management strategies and upcycle waste materials into useful items.


  1. Introduction of 3R and Upcycling.
  2. Exploration of Design Thinking Process.
  3. Upcycling Workshop of Waste Materials

Data gathering and statistical analysis of these data will be integrated in some of the modules and we will encourage students to apply their current knowledge to problem solve and how to make sense of the data.

5-Day Course
Dec 19-23

HK$ 4,500
*Must book through Hong Kong Academy.

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