STREAM Internship
Ignite Passion. Foster Talents. Shape The Future.
An internship is one of the ways STREAM would like to give back to the community. We strive to provide an excellent learning experience of a dynamic and diverse work environment that will contribute to the intern’s personal and professional growth.
Our internship is a powerful learning tool that prioritises the intern’s development. Every day at STREAM is a learning experience. Even mistakes and weaknesses can be learning opportunities. We believe in the power of providing structured feedback, and this can assist interns in creating a pathway towards achieving their learning goals.

STREAM Internship Values


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We strive to provide high quality, successful and student-centred internship programmes.


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We are committed to creating an environment that welcomes and respect individual and group diversity and strives for inclusion and accessibility in everything that we do.


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We embrace creative and innovative ideas for the enhancement of any aspect of our company’s service, operation and management.


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We encourage an environment that promotes mutual respect and open communication between our staff and are committed to creating and maintaining partnerships with interns, schools, universities and the academic community.


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We are committed to holding ourselves to a high moral and ethical standing. Our actions and decisions shall reflect professionalism, honesty and responsibility.


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We strive to provide interns with an internship programme that will contribute to their professional and personal development.

Experiential Learning for Career Development

STREAM applies experiential learning for personal and professional development. It is a hands-on educational process that produces knowledge and skills through a combination of experience, reflection and conceptualisation of the experience, and the use of learned ideas to make decisions or solve problems. This mode of learning is valuable for career exploration and lifelong skills learning. Interns can understand various professions in STREAM Education, our work culture, and assess what skills are required for different positions.

We want to provide interns with the experience of being “in the shoes” of one of our permanent staff to allow them to be immersed in the actual work environment, acquire and apply skills needed in particular careers and complete projects that are directly related to that profession.

Internships We Offer

Duration Category Minimum Hours Description
4-6 Weeks
27 hours or 3 working days per week
Due to the limited time; interns will be working on a specific project such as:

Programme/Workshop Development
Research Proposal Writing and Planning
Baseline Survey
Marketing Materials Creation
8-12 Weeks
Summer Internship
27 hours or 3 working days per week
The intern will be trained to an assistant level and will perform a wide variety of jobs that are related to their chosen field of study or work.
Placement Year
40 hours or 5 days a week
The intern will take up a position within the company. This type of internship is more extended and more in-depth learning of the skills required for the job position. By the end of the internship, the intern should have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete all the tasks related to the job.

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