Advanced Wilderness First Aid (AWFA) Course

The AWFA course goes into greater depth than the WFA on the basic first aid subjects. The course emphasizes leadership skills and presents new skills such as litter packaging. Students must have a current SOLO WFA certification in order to take the AWFA Part II.

The course will be held at Pak Lap Wan. The course occurs over 4 days, and it includes a minimum of 32 training hours. The emphasis is on practical skills with time spent conducting scenarios outdoors as well as indoor lectures and skills labs.


Course Content:

Response and Assessment:
Develop and practice skills for scene safety, conducting a primary assessment for life threats, moving onto a secondary assessment, and generating a plan for treatment.

Musculoskeletal Injuries:
Learn about how to prevent, identify, and treat musculoskeletal injuries such as sprains/strains, dislocations, and fractures.

Environmental Emergencies:
Learn how to prepare and prevent, as well as identify and treat emergencies that arise from being in outdoor environments.

Survival Skills:
Water sanitation, hygiene, flora & fauna, and setting up a shelter are important skills and knowledge to thrive while in the outdoors.

Soft Tissue Injuries:
Learn about how to identify and treat soft tissue injuries such as lacerations, abrasions, and contusions.

Medical Emergencies:
Learn about the signs, symptoms, treatment, and preventative measures for medical emergencies such as hypoglycemia, status asthmaticus, and severe allergic reactions.

Practical Assessment:
The practical assessment is ongoing throughout the course, and the trainers will be involved in providing feedback and support.

Basic Package

HK$ 2,900

*The price includes the trainer fee, course supplies, facility use, training equipment and fee for the SOLO WFA certificate.

All-Inclusive Package

HK$ 4,500

*The price includes: return boat transport from Sai Kung Pier to Pak Lap, overnight facilities, meals, trainer fee, course supplies, facility use, training equipment and the fee for the SOLO AWFA certificate.

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