Who We Are

STREAM is an educational institute that strives to increase the knowledge of, and increase an appreciation for the natural and cultural heritage of locations such as Pak Lap. A range of “Experiential Learning Courses” and “Individual Programmes” provide students with a greater depth of understanding of the STREAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art and Math), conservation, sustainability and an appreciation of the local heritage.

STREAM is founded based on the experiences of the “Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong”, an academic charity (non-profit organisation) devoted to promoting Research, Education, and Conservation via the studies of Natural History, providing the knowledge on both sustainable living and development for the symbiotic harmonies between human and nature.

Our Philosophy

STREAM has succeeded the comprehensive philosophy of the Ichthyological Society of Hong Kong (ISHK) that integrates Research, Education and Conservation together to provide an education platform that would eventually lead to a sustainable future.


Experts observe and investigate nature to establish facts



The distribution and sharing of knowledge from the expert to the public



The public alongside the experts will apply scientific methodologies for nature conservation



Ignite Innovative Young Minds
Co-create a Sustainable Future

The term STREAM stands for the disciplines of Science, Technology, Recreation, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. STREAM education is the learning of these subjects through an integrated approach, enabling students to use them as tools to address and solve problems, as well as co-develop objectives-oriented projects on innovation of sustainability.

Lifelong Skills

Lifelong Skills are related to the matter we mutually connect with the world around us and in a way they also tackle the building of relationships. These skills are important in transforming our society in a positive way as they stem from what is the best in us. The acquisition of lifelong skills are useful in helping us work, learn and live better.

Critical Thinking

Presentation Skills

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