Airport Management

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Pak Lap - STREAM Teaching Facility Centre

KS3, KS4

Students will go through airport related activities to enhance their understanding of STSE subjects. Arouse their interest in aviation, science and make their learning more interesting.

Programmes Objective

To let students understand flying principles and control model planes, communicate with the use of English as pilots and ATC units, operate on-site observatory, and brainstorm ideas using airplanes to assist ecologists.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the operation of an airport, aerodynamic and principle of flight of airplanes, weather observation and application, enhance their confidence by successfully flying an airplane, inspire their interest in science and knowledge facilitating ecology studies.

Learning Content & Activities

Introduction of weather observation using different equipment. Understand the importance of those data and how they can assist pilots in operating close to an airport.
The science behind an airplane and the aerodynamics of different wing designs. Different control surfaces on the airplane and the controls in the cockpit.
To design an airport with required equipment and facilities. Standard departure and arrival design of an airport. Learn the standard phraseology of air traffic control.
Different roles are needed to operate the airport, including pilots, air traffic controller, weather station operator, and ramp staff. Participants will use what they have learnt to operate their own airport. Patrol areas around for future ecology purposes.

Skill Set Utilisation

Programmes Instructor

Mr. Nathan Li

Mr. Nathan Li

BA Translation ,
PGDE English and HKCAD Airline Transportation Pilot License

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