A Short but Beautiful Life:
Life Cycle

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Pak Lap - STREAM Teaching Facility Centre

KS3, KS4

Discover the life cycle of butterflies and examine the purpose and process behind each of the stages. You will explore the natural environment of Pak Lap and make discoveries.


Programmes Objective

Gain greater depth of knowledge on the life cycle of a butterfly - from egg to adult.

Experience the pupa stage and relate to the difficulties that butterflies go through

Learning Outcomes

The learner should be able to describe the individual life stages of a butterfly

The learner should be able to explain what it's like breaking out of the cocoon during the pupa stage

Learning Content & Activities

explore and observe butterfly life cycle in their natural environment by hiking through a designated route
experience the process of breaking out of the cocoon during the pupa stage

Skill Set Utilisation

Programmes Instructor

Mr. Athos Leung

Mr. Athos Leung

[BSocSc, MSc] An ecological consultant with 3 years of experience in ecological studies, assessment and monitoring.

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